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Renting Services

Like buy and sell, renting too involves procedures where you have to choose from the many alternatives. We at AcresPoint help you with this task, making it easier for both the owners and the tenants.

For Property owners:

Homeowners can register with us and we shall find a tenant that fits your needs in less time. We assure you on the credibility of the tenants as we select only the best out of the best. Through our several services, we make sure that your property is maintained in the best possible way.

Our Process:

  1. Enquiry: On your enquiry, our agents will be at your doorstep to have a detailed understanding of your needs and requirements.

  2. Property verification and Inventory Check: We conduct a detailed verification of your property along with inventory check and record the current status of your property.

  3. Agreement: Our agreement will contain responsibilities we undertake on your behalf.

  4. Property Marketing and promotional activities: We market your property through various media like our website, social media, traditional media etc. We make sure that our marketing means reach your target tenant group.

  5. Tenant Screening: We evaluate and shortlist tenants for you by conducting a background check and other necessary procedures. We negotiate with the tenants on your behalf and get you the best offers.

  6. Tenant Selection and agreement: We will finalise the process of tenant selection only after receiving your suggestions. On finalisation, we prepare all the required legal documents such as rent deed, NOC and any other required documents to be signed by you and the tenant.

  7. Collection of Security deposit

  8. Management Services: We provide management services throughout your engagement with us. This includes periodic inspection services, rent collection & follow up, handling tenant queries, payment to statutory authorities, Agreement renewal etc. We also undertake any other services listed in our property management services on your demand like repair requests from your tenants, maintenance work etc. for additional cost.

Property Management Services in Kochi | AcresPoint Property Management

9. Tenant Exit and Replacement: If a tenant decides to vacate the property, we make sure that the property is handed back without any damages. We also     start our process to find you another suitable tenant. In case any repairs or painting work is required, we handle the same for you before the next tenant     can move in.

Our Charges:

We charge a monthly management fee of 8% on rent.

For Tenants:

As soon as you register with us, we start our procedures to find a property that best suits your needs. We provide you with all facilities to make sure that you have a healthy and happy stay. We assure you get the best property in few days’ time.

Benefits of choosing us:

  1. We do not charge any fees or brokerage from you. We manage the entire rental process from end to end

  2. All documentations and paperwork are handled by us on your behalf

  3. Professional Services at your doorstep

  4. Organising property visits for you

  5. Move-in help

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