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AcresPoint facilitates you to buy and sell your properties with ease. We help you find a potential buyer or seller that matches with your specific needs and desires. By providing a wide range of services we guarantee to maintain your property with great care. We provide fast and professional service with assured peace of mind after a simple process of registration.


Buy a property: Tell our agents your property requirements and budget details and we will be on the go to get you your dream home or desired property. We will keep you updated on each stage of the process and make sure all your expectations are met.


Sell your property:

  1. Preliminary discussion: We analyse your property and your expected price requirements on the basis of inputs provided by you.

  2. Property verification: We conduct a detailed verification of your property along with giving you an analysis of the current market price.

  3. Search for buyer: We conduct detailed search to find a suitable buyer for you.

  4. Property Marketing and promotional activities: We market your property through various media like our website, social media, traditional media etc.

  5. Negotiation: We negotiate with a potential buyer on your behalf. The final decision will be taken only after we receive your approval.

  6. Deed drafting and other legal formalities: We take care of all the paperwork required in connection with a successful transaction.

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