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A fully developed Aqua Life amusement park which only one of its kind in Kochi. 

The park provides an ideal day out/ late evening package for families and is the only well-maintained day out park available in Kochi after Wonder-la.  The park offers a soothing and refreshing atmosphere even during the harsh summers of Kerala.

The park is currently operational and there is assured revenue from day 1.


The park located in 2 acres can accommodate up to 250  Pax and has an assured return with a daily breakeven of 15 persons. The park has obtained all licenses to operate as a tourist destination and has also received a Service Villa license to run Accommodations.


 The park offers various facilities like Angling, Pedal boat, rowboat, Artificial rain, rain volley ball, Kids play area, Various indoor and outdoor games activities, Restaurant etc.


There is scope for further development and a 10 min boat ride will take the tourists to a clean and neat beach in Kochi. Continuous supply of corporation water, undisturbed supply of electricity, RO facility to desalinate salt water and use for commercial purposes, stand by generator, ample parking facility etc

Aqua Life Amusement farm within 15 km from Ernakulum.

    •  Pedal boat,
    • Rowboat,
    • Artificial rain,
    • Rain volley ball
    • Kids play area,
    • Various indoor and outdoor games activities,
    • Restaurant 
  • Kochi

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