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This quarry is based in Tenkasi. They have production capacity for metals, sand and also have potential for granites with rare mineral ,rich colours, hardness and density. These granites could be supplied in varying designs and sizes due to increasing demand from domestic and overseas customers. Covered in seven acres, the area has got 1st quality finest products that can be employed for ornamental and monumental work as well as for inscription purposes. They have obtained all approvals for mining & quarrying.

Acquire a Granite quarry

  • • Land area : 7 acres

    • Have dedicated Transformer having capacity of 250MW

    • Area is equipped with Storage tank, Machinery-specially designed         crusher, sand making plant, 1500 sq ft office cum residential space       and other electrical fittings

    • Usable reserve of granite rocks for commercial uses - 17L cubic             metre (certified by geologist)

    • Controlled expansion


  • • A fine resource of grained granites and metals

    • Potential for Krishnasila rocks, pearl green , tropical green & pearl blue           granites

    • Easy work force availability

    • Well connected with road

    • High profit margin

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