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We believe our commitment starts at the point of handing over your property’s key. With our excellent and timely Home Care Services, we make sure that you enjoy a convenient and risk-free stay. Ensuring absolute comfort with our wide and varied range of support services, we prove our proficiency in extending what exactly our client has in mind. Our extremely dedicated and exceptionally skilled After Sales and Asset Management team is there with you all the time with a true promise of great care for your home.

Our Home Care Service sets out far beyond mere repair and maintenance. We assure the whole functionality of your building through flexible and transparent Home Care Services. Our team focuses on keenly studying and examining your facility and offering impeccable Service in terms of procedures, techniques and technology. Rather than basic services, we provide end-to-end concierge services like complete co-ordination of space, infrastructure and maintenance, recognizing the need to have 100% satisfied clients. This service option wherein a broad ranges of utilities care and support services are provided to your home also gives assistance in day-to-day activities for a complete comfortable and leisurely stay to our clients. We attend to all customer complaints; rectifying defects if any and maintenance of the apartments or houses after handing over the property.

As maintenance of residential complexes and apartments is a multi disciplinary activity requiring a varied set of competencies, it needs a proficient team for frequent inspections, reviews and audits for continuous improvement. And thus, we are here. Offering 24x7 comprehensive and international quality solutions, Our Home Care Services Division provide complete legal compliance as well. Tailor made approach and pro-active services like Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) for all kind of properties, equipment gives us a definite edge over others.

Our services:

  • Annual Maintenance of Property

  • Rental Collection Management

  • Key Holding Services

  • Statutory Payment Management

  • Pre - Inspection

  • Post - Inspection

  • Referral checking

  • Gas and Electrical charges settlement

  • Utility Payment Management

  • Cleaning of Residential Building

  • Maintenance of Landscaping

  • Roof Leaking Maintenance

  • Electronic Surveillance System

  • Pest Control

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Painting

  • Security Guarding Services

  • Building Insurance

Home care packages

Zeztate has panacea for all your home care worries. We offer splendid home care packages with plenty of services. Our professional team mainly focuses on the client needs with impeccable service. The main services are Annual Maintenance of Property, Rental Collection Management, Key Holding Services, Statutory Payment Management, Pre - Inspection, Post - Inspection, Referral checking, Gas and Electrical charges settlement , Utility Payment Management, Cleaning of Residential Building, Maintenance of Landscaping, Roof Leaking Maintenance, Electronic Surveillance System, Pest Control, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Security Guarding Services and Building Insurance. Our tailor made approach and proactive service gives us a definite edge over others.


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